Family Ties : The William Turner & Son Story

Like my grandfather and father before me, I am very proud of the William Turner name and all it stands for: a tradition of quality, thoughtful design, personal service and, of course, exceptional value for money. Perhaps you have a very clear idea of the ties and other items that you want. Or, as often happens, you may require professional help to turn your ideas into reality. In either case, the team and I look forward to providing you with solutions of true distinction.

Our business began in 1969, when William Turner began buying cloth from Cheshire weavers to make bespoke ties for local schoolwear retailers. In those early days, it was a case of 'any pattern as long as it's striped'. Then, as business success allowed investment in technology, the company was able to offer jacquard woven ties incorporating any motif. This allowed an infinite number of designs to be created, establishing William Turner & Son as a provider of bespoke products to answer every possible need.


Today, William Turner & Son remains a family-run business and is a trusted supplier of products to school uniform retailers. In addition, the company's commitment to quality and service has helped it establish many long-term relationships with hundreds of businesses, universities, associations, clubs, Masonic lodges and police forces.

The company is proud to retain its local manufacturing roots, with over half its products still made in the company's own UK factories. When many manufacturers were following the short term benefit of offshore supply William Turner instead trusted the proven UK supply chain to innovate and adapt to maintain the competitive advantage we enjoy today.

Every person involved in your order is proud to play their role and we welcome all enquiries from new customers who are just beginning their journey with us.


Daniel Turner

Managing Director