How to feel smart when heading back to work

Feb 9

Author: David Beecher

We are all going to be heading back to work in the coming months, and what better way to celebrate that than dressing up and feeling smart? After months at home in loungewear, it’s time to stand out from the crowd with a sharp look. A great way to do that? By wearing a specially designed company tie.
A tie is making a huge comeback in the current environment- it’s time to ditch the sweatpants and embrace fine tailoring and fun accessories. What better way to say farewell to the lockdown period and the way we’ve been living for the last few months than to up the style stakes?

Making a statement
Many of us may have felt a loss of identity when stuck at home indoors. Our clothing choices are a way to express ourselves, and without that outlet? It can make us a little downbeat, getting ready for the day is a huge part of our routine and having that taken away can feel very unfamiliar. But as we start to think about heading back to work, we can also start to think about the way that we might make statements with our clothing again.
The whole country is going to be donning their finest clothes when they can finally be seen in the outside world. Let’s make sure you’re prepared for the day!

The power of the tie
A corporate tie is an excellent way to express yourself- it’s a simple piece of neckwear which makes a big statement. It’s smart, sophisticated, and easy to pair with any shirt to instantly update your look in an affordable way.
With the economy in recovery stage, everyone needs to look their best when job hunting. A tie is a simple way to show that you are serious and interested while you are interviewing with a prospective new employer. A tie instantly says that you take pride in your appearance and take your role at work seriously.

Enhance your company’s brand with a corporate tie
If you’re a small business, an excellent way to celebrate your brand and solidify your brand identity is to implement a company tie. It is an exciting way to refresh and update your brand with an on trend fashion piece for all employees.
After all your employees have been working from home for so long, implementing a new logo tie for everyone is an affordable way to bring style, structure and substance after a long period away from the office. Bringing a new uniform item into the mix is a great way to get your staff motivated and excited to come back to work.
It’s more important than ever for your brand to stand out of the crowd and make an impression on your customers. Competition is fierce, and with so many new brands emerging from the lockdown period, it’s important to bring your A Game to retain your customers and attract new customers too!