William Turner reassures customers of continued support through coronavirus

Apr 15

Author: David Beecher

William Turner has confirmed it has a strategy in place to ensure the continued support of its customers during the coronavirus crisis.

The manufacturer and supplier of club and corporate ties and accessories is currently accepting orders. These will be scheduled into the first available slot when the business starts back in production. Customers can also check the progress of any order already placed as well as stock availability.

Similarly, customers can still place stock orders, with William Turner able to confirm when it thinks these will be dispatched. Equally, the firm is taking new enquiries as well as supplying artwork and quotes. It can also arrange sample headings on stripe designs.

In addition, William Turner is able to confirm that its Far East factories are back in production. It is, therefore, advising customers to check the revised shipping dates of their orders as well as lead times of any new orders.

William Turner is keen to remain in contact with its customer base.

The business’s directors are all available to answer any queries across a range of platforms. Contact andy.smith@william-turner.co.uk to arrange a Zoom video call. Alternatively, call 0161 480 8582 or contact sales@william-turner.co.uk. The company is also still collecting and actioning its post.

Customers can contact William Turner’s accounts department with any query or payment. The company highlights the importance of protecting the supply chain at this time in preparation for Back to School.

For further information on William Turner, please click here.