Made in the UK Ties from William Turner

Mar 28

Author: Daniel Turner

Since Brexit and the pandemic, have you been considering supporting UK businesses more? Perhaps you’ve even made a conscious effort to buy UK made products? It’s a great idea to buy from local British companies to support the economy and receive excellent quality products, at great value.

There are very few UK-based manufacturers left in the industry, due to the exportation of so much textile business to the Far East in recent years. When you buy a Made in UK product, you are actively supporting British workers and British businesses, and reducing your carbon footprint too.

Whether you’re looking to purchase company ties, club ties, or custom ties, you can find them all at William Turner.

Achieve great lead times

Since William Turner factories are based in the UK, you can receive a personalised design for your tie within 24 hours, and production will be completed just 4-5 weeks later. Occasionally, priority orders can even be completed within 14 days. This is a fraction of the lead time should you have purchased your ties from abroad.

When you buy from a UK supplier like William Turner, you can also receive the benefits of low minimum order quantities. For a striped tie, you will have to order a minimum of 36 units, and for a jacquard motif, you will need to order a minimum of 50 units.

Reduce environmental impact

When you buy products made in the UK, your carbon footprint is lessened significantly compared to when you purchase imported products from China due to fewer transportation miles. William Turner make ties at their wholly owned factories in Nelson and Skipton. They employ over 60 staff in their fully audited, UK based factories.

All of the fabric for ties made by William Turner is also woven in the UK. By 2022, all ties made by William Turner will be woven with eco yarn, recycling approximately two plastic bottles for every tie that is made. In 2021, it’s really important to consider environmental impact when purchasing new accessories and clothing, so buying product made from recycled materials is a great sustainable choice.

Visit UK based factories

William Turner invite you to visit our factories to seeyour ties being made. You are very welcome. Thank you for considering William Turner.