Start planning for the return to action for your club

Feb 27

Author: David Beecher

We’re all hoping that lockdown is going to come to an end once and for all in the coming months- so what better time to start planning for life after lockdown? If you have missed running your sports or athletics club, there’s no doubt that you are raring to return to action and get your team back out there after so long at home. With that in mind, it’s a great idea to start planning the return now so that you are fully prepared for when lockdown is finally lifted.

The importance of club representation
We know it’s not easy running a club, especially at the current time, but it’s important to make sure your members look smart when we are out and about again. Whether you’re running a football club, rugby club, golf club, or cricket club. There is a responsibility for members to uphold the reputation of the club in your local community. It’s likely that the sports clubs in your area will have a certain amount of recognition within your community- so it’s important that when your members are representing your club, they are showing the club in a positive light.

Consider club ties
A smart club tie will make your members feel confident and give them a sense of belonging, and truly feeling part of the team. Introducing a club tie for the coming season, as we emerge from lockdown, is a great way to boost spirits and come back thriving after some time away from the sport. A club tie is a cost effective way to provide a uniform look for the team.
A club tie is also a great way to take pride in your club colours and badge. After all, the preppy look is always in fashion! Wearing a club tie will make your members feel proud to be part of the team, and encourage team spirit among the members.
And for the ladies? If they would prefer not to wear a tie themselves, you could introduce matching scarves to maintain that cohesive, strong club identity for all members.

Where can you design club ties?
You can design club ties on our website, where you can choose from a variety of materials, styles and designs. For example, a silk tie is more high quality and premium, whereas a polyester tie is affordable and hard wearing. There are lots of options to suit all sports clubs and budgets.
You can also select from a traditional or modern contemporary design. Make use of our full and free design service from our tie experts. The ties are also UK made in our own factory, with a lead time of just 4-6 weeks. This leaves plenty of time to create a bespoke tie for your club before you reopen your doors after lockdown.
The minimum order quantity is just 50 ties, and we can replicate your exiting tie or create a striking new design from scratch. The choice is yours.