University Prestige, How Important is It?

Jun 18

Author: David Beecher

There was a time when all universities carried an air of prestige. Hallowed halls of education, universities were well-respected institutions and their students were esteemed academics gathered in the pursuit of knowledge. As further education became more and more accessible, universities became less economically exclusive and many believe this has caused them to lose some of their prestige. Whilst it’s true that a modern-day university will look very different from the universities of old, we here at William Turner believe that university prestige is as prominent as ever; especially in established universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

The UK’s Most Prestigious Universities

The UK is home to a number of highly prestigious universities, but it is worth noting that this prestige looks a little different in contemporary Britain. It isn’t that further education is seen as any less of a noble pursuit, it’s just that with more and more students accessing it, the student population is becoming humbler about its academic achievements. That being said, there are certain universities that maintain much higher levels of prestige due to their rich academic histories. Many of these are “Russell Group” universities and are viewed to be some of the best universities in the country. These include:

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Exeter University
  • King’s College London
  • Imperial College London
  • Edinburgh University
  • St Andrew’s University
  • Bath University
  • Birmingham University

Is University Prestige Important?

A university education, in general, is still a very prestigious thing to have, no matter where it is from, and it is something that is held in very high regard by employers. That being said, a degree from a more prestigious university can certainly open more doors for a person depending on the career they are pursuing.

It can be argued that attending a university with a prestigious reputation can prepare a student for a future that involves interacting with the upper echelons of society. After all, it’s not just an academic education one receives at university. Clubs play a part of the university experience and with these extracurricular activities comes a different kind of social enrichment that is notably different from university to university.

These clubs can range from casual meetups to full-blown societies with their own dedicated uniforms including club ties and other iconography. In fact, many universities are famous for certain clubs and societies and being a part of these can add even more prestige to a graduate’s C.V.

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