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The College Scarf - A historical tradition and a popular trend

The college scarf: a historical tradition and a popular trend

The college scarf is not just for campus. Thanks to designers such as Armani, Burberry and Versace, the traditional college scarf is now the men’s fashion neckwear of choice.


A Great British tradition

A traditional college scarf is as much of a British institution as Oxford and Cambridge themselves. Made with Saxon wool, most often two metres long, and compiled of two or more coloured stripes, these scarves are a strong part of the heritage and identity of academic institutions.

The scarf has since come to resemble particular achievements, in sports, academia or other clubs. The distinctive stripes become a motif - signifying the student of a prestigious university, a member of a particular club or a senior in their respective field. 



The fashionable option

Now, designers have taken the style and traditional colours of the college scarf and transformed it into a fashionable item, spotted on everyone from David Beckham to the guy at work.  Thanks to heritage trends making it down the catwalk year in, year out, we’re unlikely to see it going out of fashion any time soon.

A college scarf calls for a simple knot: simply cross and place over the shoulders for a relaxed, casual look. It goes best with neutral colours, blazers and knit wear, and always suits a smart pair of polished shoes.

Digging out your old university scarf is one way to get the look: however, for those that never had the luxury of attending a college with its own scarf, it’s still easy to look the part this winter. You can opt for traditional school colours, from the many institutions across the UK and Ireland, or you can design your own for the ultimate, individual finish.  It’s here were William Turner & Son can help:  Daniel Turner, Director, explains, “all of our wool wraps are produced in the UK and are manufactured in our own factory. We offer a large range up to 80 different colours, enabling us to match to your corporate colours. In addition, crests can be embroidered onto the scarf.”