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Uniforms: What Does Your Workwear Say About Your Brand?

Everyone wants their organisation to stand apart from the rest of their competitors in the market, and whilst this can be achieved through a product or service having a uniform in places arguably has a lot of benefits for the business, the staff and the customers. 

Everyone comes into contact at some point with someone in corporate clothing, whether it’s a police officer, a bank clerk or any of the customer assistants in the endless retail or food services we are familiar with. Here are some reasons why it’s important to get it right when it comes to corporate wear.

For employees, corporate uniform creates a sense of pride and belonging which is great for morale and confidence that they’re part of a team. In turn this can increase productivity which leads to working successfully as a team to drive profits.

A uniform is a really simple way to promote fairness in the workplace whilst eliminating any pressure of fashion or the burden of having to spend their wages on work attire.
Having a set uniform can also help to avoid any risk of inappropriate clothing which might not be suitable for the brand identity or for practical reasons.

The way in which people dress could influence how they behave in and out of a work place. Studies from psychologist Zimbardo found that when people wear uniforms their behaviours often alter to suit the role associated. Something as simple as a bespoke tie or scarf makes employees clearly visible to customers which can encourage staff to be accountable as brand representatives.

Free Advertising
A strategic element to ensuring staff are dressed in the perfect corporate uniform is that every employee really is a walking billboard for the brand, thus raising the profile of the business. This is where choosing bespoke designs are essential; make your company identity and values shine through in every detail, from the colours to the finishing touches.

Customer Service
Clear brand visibility of a uniform can make it easier for customers to identify the staff they need to deal with; again from staff having increased visibility they’re more aware of being brand ambassadors and delivering a professional service.


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