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Why suits are back in fashion this year

Why suits are back in fashion this year


The suit is enjoying a revival in 2015, with men throughout the UK taking note of the examples set by some of the world's most stylish gents and once again linking their cuffs and straightening their tie. But this is not just to look great for a formal occasion - more and more men are channelling their inner Don Draper and opting for a smart suit in the workplace.


But why are guys choosing to put that bit more effort into how they look at work? And why are they choosing to do so now? Below we look at why the suit is this year's essential buy for all those looking to make an impression at work:


The celebrity effect


There are certain celebrities who simply know how to dress well. And what simpler way is there to look good than a well-tailored suit? Be it David Beckham, Eddie Redmayne or David Gandy, the world's most stylish men are all polishing up their act.


As is often the way, where the celebrities lead, the rest of us follow. But when they are leading us to a much-improved fashion sense, what have we to complain about?


TV cool


TV has never been so cool. Pretty much every week our screens are filled with debonair chaps looking splendid in their bespoke attire, providing all the inspiration we need to make sure we're also looking our very best.


From Mad Men to Mr Selfridge, Boardwalk Empire to Peaky Blinders, sharp suits represent the coolest styles in the coolest shows.


Upsurge in male grooming


You only have to see the number of men with well-groomed beards and tidy moustaches to realise guys are taking more care of their appearance than ever before. And vital to this razor sharp look is the trusted suit.


Males are investing plenty in keeping their hair, skin and facial hair in tip top condition, and they are following suit (pardon the pun) by splashing out on an impressive two or three-piece.


Improving style in the workplace


The office is where the suit is perhaps enjoying its greatest resurgence. It seems guys are no longer content to turn up to work in their jeans and hoodie - they want to make the right impression, and their suit helps them do this.


Business is a serious matter, and when you're dealing with someone who takes pride in their appearance, you can be sure they take pride in their work. There is a belief that people are more likely to trust a person in a suit - something that could be the defining moment as you look to close that big deal.


Economic upturn


Suits are an investment, and when you buy a quality suit you know it's going to last a long time. With the economy now back on its feet, people are once again thinking about spending that little bit more now so it pays dividends in the long run.


What's more, the suit represents the ultimate safe investment - timeless style that you can turn to time and time again.